- Wow! Can't believe it's been a year since my last update! I've been busy working on features (which I still can't show!) Did more work on THE OUTER LIMITS, as well as the upcoming ZATHURA, based on the children's book by Chris Van Allsberg (Jumanji, Polar Express.) Look out for it, it's going to be good!
- Did the 2005 Burton "CHOPPER" snowboard line. Check 'em out in the Vehicles Gallery.
- Added some keyframes I painted for the Joseph Kahn-directed BRITISH TELECOM spot. In the Environments Gallery.

- New Flash splash movie on the front page. Added a Matte Painting to the Environments Gallery.
- Storyboards Gallery is finally up.
- Added a robot design from the latest Burton "CHOPPER" kids snowboard line to Concepts. Check out Burton's website. This year's Punch & Chopper lines were designed by me and illustrated in 3D by my good friend Frank Vitale (see the Creatures Gallery for the Punch designs). I just did next year's CHOPPER boards as well. Gonna have to wait awhile to post 'em though!

- Completed vehicle design for the new SUPERMAN movie earlier this summer. For obvious reasons I can't post 'em yet! Still waiting for THE OUTER LIMITS to get made or get cancelled so I can post all the work I did on it last year.


- Updated the Sketchbook page with a 'new' bunch of old stuff. Roughs from a robot-based project from last year. I'll post the final work when the product actually comes out sometime later in the year. Also a page of pencil roughs from a composition class I took awhile ago. Enjoy!

- Whoa! Happy New Year, everyone! Yeah... I know it's late. Added two new sketchbook pages to the Sketchbook Gallery, though. Look out for Storyboards to finally be posted soon.

- Added a new painting from Whacked! to the Environments Gallery.
- Added another quick study to the Painting Gallery.


- Added 4 more quick studies to the Painting Gallery.

- Added several more characters and prop designs from
Whacked! to the Cartoon gallery.
- Added a concept painting I did for
Centropolis FX to the Environments Gallery. Done for a german commercial for the Hi-Tech retail chain SATURN. Director was Kai Sehr, Production Designer was Karin Haase and the FX Supervisor was Thomas Tannenberger. Great people to work with.


- Added a B&W Photoshop painting to the Vehicles Gallery. My vision of motorcycle racing in the future.

- Added several character designs from
Whacked! to the Cartoons Gallery. Apparently Microsoft will be releasing the game bundled with the new xboxLIVE system. Check it out when it's released in October, it's a blast to play.

- Added yet another new sketch to the Vehicles Gallery.

- Added a new sketch to the Vehicles Gallery. Another personal portfolio piece

- Added a new sketch to the Vehicles Gallery. A little concept I just did for fun.

- Added another photoshop exercise:"Great Wall", to the Painting Gallery. Trying out PS 7.

- Added another p-shop exercise to the Painting Gallery.

- Added 4 new images to Myst 3: Exile Gallery.
- Added Photos of my '98 300ZX proposal and 2 Quest sketches to the Automotive Gallery.
- Added 2 new images from Beneath to Creature Gallery.

- Thanks to a few suggestions I reversed the colors of the scroll arrow states so they would be more obvious.
- There's a new preview blurb about Whacked! on xbox.com. Check it out. Also check out the trailer!
- Posted my 2001 GDC Lecture in Tutorials, for those who aren't memers of Gamasutra. Link to the Gamasutra article is still there.


Big update today! Here's what's changed:

- Redesigned the site graphics to fit in 1024x768 browser windows without squishing.
- Added a Bio to the About section.
- Added a link to my resume in PDF in the About section.
- Added a Personal page with a few pictures in the About section.
- Added images to the Cartoon, Automotive, Creature, Drawing and Painting Galleries.
- Added a link to my GDC lecture on concept design on the Tutorial/Lecture page.
- Added a Links page in Resources.
- Fixed a Netscape 4.0 compatibility bug.
- Added temporary pages for Press, Storyboard and Cinematic.

Let me know what you think, or of any problems you discover. Enjoy!


Off to Jamaica for a funeral for a week. I've posted the work-in-progress in the meantime, just so there's something to look at! Not an official post, but at least a few things are working. Keep trying back to see what else is new. I'll be re-designing the layout to accomodate screen sizes as small as 1024x768 when I get back next week, and trying to get at least an active link for each menu option. In the meantime, e-mail me with suggestions if you have anything constructive to offer!